Day 5: On a good note

As I sit here letting myself indulge in packaged food, I can’t help feeling a heavy twinge of guilt. More of a flinch, really. I sense that some of my goals might start sticking, which feels pretty great. I’m not sure how long the vegetarian thing is gonna last.. I decimated a Dragon Village General Tso’s combo dish tonight and it felt too good to deny.

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Day 4: Ready for more

I definitely feel like yesterday was the hardest day for me, like others. I wasn’t perfect today, but I’m ending it feeling much better about everything, especially that I’m noticing some of my efforts forming into habits that I could really get used to in life.

The big difference between yesterday and today for me was my mental approach and attitude about my No Impact aspirations and efforts.

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Day 3: Bounceback?

Today is the first day I found myself really kicking myself for setting the goals that I did.. and then subsequently breaking them.

The biggest thing that got me today was transportation. I was going strong all day (so many composted tea bags), and then this evening I needed to get to A-quad from South quad pretty fast and accepted a ride up from my friend, effectively breaking my “no rides or transportation” rule.

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Day 2: Cough dropping the ball

Today was the day where I realized how tough some of these low-impact decisions can be. Definitely one of my longer days.

One of the biggest slip-ups was based on my sickness that’s got a lot worse today. What was yesterday just some severe sniffles turned into a pretty substantial cough, which worried me since I’ve got the performance of Messiah this coming Saturday (which you should all go to by the way) which requires quite a bit of singing.

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Day 1: Abashed lateness

While this post is coming about 16 minutes late (bad start), it comes after a day which constantly surprised and on multiple occasions had me on my toes.

My goals for this week are such:

  • Eat no meat
  • Eat less food
  • Use substantially less electricity
  • Use no motor powered forms of transportation
  • Unplug devices that don’t need to be plugged in
  • Tell people about No Impact week
  • Take no shower longer than 2 minutes
  • Generate zero waste (trash containers)
  • Recycle correctly

I started my day off luckily, since my roommate sleeps in pretty late every day so I’m pretty used to getting ready for the day without lights on anyways.

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Thanksgiving break – A treatise on snot rags

I guess this’ll serve as a test for posting (so far so good).

Something interesting occurred to me over break while hanging out with my brother at his house. Being four years older than me and out of college, he’s got what many would assume to be “the life”: living in a house on campus with four of his best friends, working as a bike mechanic/caterer, and generally just hanging out (as far as I can tell).

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