Day 5

It feels like this week went much faster than I expected! It definitely provided some good opportunities to discuss environmental sustainability with others who probably wouldn’t otherwise consider it. However I did have a telling interaction yesterday highlighting the general disconnect between our actions and our impact:

Friend: Pass me a napkin?

Me: It’s Earth Day.

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Day 4

Today I finally read the last half of “No Impact Man”. I haven’t been too impressed with my attempt at this week and decided to turn to Collin for some guidance. Unsurprisingly, reading the book helped me with the assignment because it’s hard not to put in the effort to make less impact after reading the facts.

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Day 3

I really tried to make a minimal impact today. I didn’t produce any trash although I had some paper recyclables. One thing I haven’t been able to do is unplug the fan. My room is perpetually hot and the weather has made it especially bad. My roommate has made it clear that going without the fan is not an option.

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