Final Day Blog: Mary

Whew, last day done! I can say with confidence that I finished the week off strong.

Three things worth noting happened on this final day:

Two of my friends invited me out to lunch at Panera today. We all carpooled there which is fine, but then I had to deal with all the waste that came along with my meal: a paper bag and a chip bag.

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Day 4 Blog: Mary

Feeling good today fellow environmentalists.

I’ve felt a lot more mindful and aware of all my no impact actions today, plus I paid it forward by taking all the uneaten food I had in my room up to Dr. Aguilar’s office this evening. I had so. much. food. 3 tomato soups, 3 boxes of mac and cheese, 1 jar of salsa, 1 bottle of unopened ranch dressing, a box of pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, and a hell of a lot of clif bars.

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Day 3 blog: Mary

Today has been a strong 4/10 both on my no impact eff0rts and just the quality of my day.

First of all, I was already stressed out as I woke up because I knew I had so much stuff to do today. Not off to a good start. I knew I was gonna have to drive to and from Newark to do a project.

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Day 2 blog: Mary

My five-minute shower last night went perfectly. Bohemian Rhapsody is the perfect song to shower to. Nothing like ending your shower with Freddie Mercury singing “nothing really matters…to me.” what a good song. anyway: beside the point. I also showered with colder water which wasn’t pleasant, but hey, it kept me thinking about how I didn’t want to stay in there forever.

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Day 1 blog: Mary

Honestly, I think I’ve been doing pretty well today. I think one of my biggest focuses this week is cutting down on my consumption, not constantly buying snacks from slayter, and actually eating all the food that’s in my room. I did just that today; I made rice in kappa today after my music class, when I would usually frequent slayter for some steak fries.

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