Today’s been typical–lights were left off, meat was avoided, and napkins were used sparingly. So I am going to use this blog post to talk about something else: reflection.

While this week has been tough, I am so grateful for what it has provided me with. I feel so much more aware of my actions, my choices.

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Mid-Week Blues

Is there always a more sustainable option? Today I’ve been questioning this, as I find myself troubled with a typically bad-timed cold.  Here’s my dilemma: if I use tissues, I’m creating waste, but if I use my handkerchief, I’m washing it every 10 minutes! How can you justify giving up one thing if it means using another resource in its place?

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Earth Day!

This morning I woke to a pleasant surprise, a little note on my mirror from my roommate, wishing me a happy Earth Day. It was just the thing I needed to remind me why I am participating in No Impact week and to remember the importance of my goals. Inspired and excited, I started my day by laying in the sun!

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A Day of Ho-Hum

Today was amazing. I woke up this morning to the sun shining in my room, all of my electronics unplugged, and excited to start No Impact week. As one of my goals was to consume meat only at dinner, I was pleasantly surprised with myself when I chose the local black bean burger for Meal X.

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