The Final Countdown

Hello All!

I greet you with the terrific news that at 8:43 p.m. the Boston PD has successfully captured the second suspect in the Boston Bombings and he is still alive. Watching this unfold live on television has been quite the usage of electricity. I do not feel bad for this because I had to stay glued to the television!

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Quite the day


Quite the day. Electrical usage dropped significantly today because I had no classes! I enjoyed my time through natural light and being outdoors!

I also drove today! Oh NO! But! I made up for it because I was driving to do community service in the Garden of Hope with the Track and Field team and we were all carpooling.

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Why did you throw that away??

Hello all!

Started off the day with quite a bang, awoken by my roommate who threw the lights on this morning. To much of my dismay he immediately cut the lights. Little did I know I was nearly late for class with all of you.

Then upon entering Curtis, I hear cries of “Why did you throw that away??”

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It’s only a matter of time…

I find myself back outside in the same spot I was yesterday, among the trees. I find it welcoming to be outside yet at the same time having little impacts! On to the highlights of the day!

Local shopping seemed very efficient, especially with our feet used for transportation. Wish we could have brought the food back and actually prepared the meals instead of the usual Curtis ordeal.

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Rations are running dangerously low…

In the midst of the first day of no impact, the possibilities of plastic consumption and desires of electronic usage, I find myself outside of Shorney Hall among the trees. Writing my reflections about the day enjoying the outdoors and my minimal impact on the environment.

Starting off, I set a PR (Personal Record for all you non-track junkies) with shower time, clocking in just under 3 minutes.

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