Last Day – Thank Goodness

Today has been a decent day in terms of accomplishing my goals. I had to walk to south quad for my class and today it was much colder than before. I would’ve loved to take my car down there, but I didn’t. Not going to lie, I tried to use my car but realized it was so frozen and I couldn’t even open the door!

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Day 3: A struggle

Today was not easy, I had to rush around a lot which forced me to use my friend’s car to get down to my class on south quad. For breakfast I had huffman and ate no meat. However, I had a game at 8 pm, so I had to eat off campus before and after it.

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Day 2

Today wasn’t really hard following most of my goals. I created no trash today, walked everywhere, and used community light the entire day. I did have to plug in my laptop but there’s really no way around that. The one struggle I did have today was not eating meat. Breakfast and lunch were easy to stay away from it but when I was at Huffman for dinner the vegetarian options were so bad that I had to give in and eat meat.

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