Day Five

This week has been eye opening. I don’t think I ever would have realized what an impact all of my decisions have, if we hadn’t done this project.

In my daily life, I can definitely continue to generate less trash, and that is something I look forward to working on.

It would be interesting to do a no impact week back in my home life, where I have even more decisions and control.

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Day Four

Not much new happened today. Same thoughts and challenges.

I was a passenger on a 20 min car ride to and from an elementary school in Newark for big brothers big sisters. So that was probably my biggest impact. I was hyper aware, however, of the food the children ate in the school cafeteria. Today they had chocolate milk and cheese quesadillas and canned peaches.

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Day Three

Today, after lab, I went back to my room and enjoyed some ho hum time. I thought about playing a podcast but instead I just laid on my bed and eventually decided to read a few chapters of my book. I hadn’t read much of it lately, because I always feel like I should be reading my required readings.

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Day Two

I find that when I tell friends and peers about No Impact, they are so shocked. Responses have been, “how do you not have trash?” or “I could never!” On one hand, this makes me proud of the work we do as ENVS students, but it also makes me a little uneasy. It shows how much we rely on throw away items.

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Day One.

I thought I had No Impact week under control. I had done all the prep and set reasonable goals. But my life is not adapted for the No Impact lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I became rather sick this weekend. As I popped individually wrapped cough drops and Tylenol, and blew my nose approximately 10 times per hour, I disgusted myself.

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