Is it ever really over?

So today was fine I met all my goals and was relieved that tomorrow I do not have to sit in the dark in my room anymore whenever the sun sets. But as the day went on I began to question my joy. Was I really just going to revert back to my old ways? No, the goals I set for myself were reasonable and achievable for a reason.

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Day 4: Ho Hum and Snacks

Today has gone as well as previous days. I only used 2 napkins today, kept my shower to under 3 minutes, and left my power strip and lights off all day.

About half way through the day, I was starting to overthink and stress about all the assignments I have due in the coming weeks, but after a few deep breaths I kinda just zoned out and stared at the wall.

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Day 3 and Still Going Strong

Day 3 has been successful. I kept my shower to under 3 minutes and avoided having the lights on in my room. I avoided eating meat today without even realizing it and only used one napkin.

I like to believe that I have a pretty high sense of self-control, so meeting my goals has not been that difficult.

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Day 2

Today I have been fairly successful in my goals. I have managed to avoid using any lights in my dorm room and also remembered to switch off my power strip after my laptop and phone had charged. I also generated only one piece of trash today, a napkin. Tonight I plan on taking a shower in under three minutes to meet my goal of limited water use.

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Started Earlier Than Expected

Sunday night as I was completing a project for another class, I hoped to be done before 12:00 AM, so I could enjoy one more shower before the start of NI Week. But, as most things usually go, when I finally finished it was 12:30 and NI week had already begun. Welp, there went my chance for one more shower before the week started and I cut my shower time down to 3 minutes.

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