Day 5: The Conclusion

Wait, we’re done?!

Today was the last day of No Impact Week and it was a busy one at that! Prelims went well this morning, other than the fact that I was swimming under bright lights and eating my granola bars. Not very eco-friendly… Lunch today was in one of Miami University’s dining halls. The food was pretty good, but I could tell that it wasn’t locally grown or even remotely organic.

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Day 4: Diving back in

Hi everyone,

Today has been nearly impossible for me to live impact-free. For the first part of my day I did my morning swim, followed by a fairly quick shower. After that I went back up to my room to pack for this weekend. I was having great difficulty packing in the dark so with great guilt I turned on one light.

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No Impact Week: Day 3

What a long day! Double workouts and a full schedule of classes made today my least enjoyable day of the week so far… My daily routine started the same way it always does, with an early alarm. I considered what I should eat before practice, but again found myself reaching for the granola bar. I still haven’t found a suitable replacement other than fresh fruit, but that granola bar was the last one I have.

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Day 2: New Challenges

As day 2 of No Impact Week comes to an end I find that I am experiencing a conflict of interest. I am working very hard to adjust my lifestyle during this week to produce as little waste as possible and promote environmentally conscious decisions. My biggest challenge is the swim meet I have (along with Mary) later this week.

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Day 1: Reduced Consumption

Well, day one of No Impact Week is just about over. Similarly to some of my classmates, I am trying to make my changes one step at a time. Today I focused on reducing my consumption. My day started at 5:10 am when I woke up for my morning swim workout. Since I didn’t have any fresh food, I found myself reaching for a granola bar which I had brought from home.

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