Day Five

The last day went as expected. I am confident that this day was best which it should have been. In the morning, I took a 2-minute shower and ate my entire local breakfast. In the afternoon, I had one piece of trash and zero cans. I will admit to having two packages at slater so I am waiting until next week to pick them up.

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Day Four

Nothing out of the ordinary today. I went throughout my day making almost no impact besides my 2-minute shower. At around 11 I had to buy a energy drink at slater. I rinsed out the can and recycled it so I did what I could.  My night has been pretty peaceful without electronics except it is pretty hot in the dorms.  

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Day Two

Second day started off nice with a short shower. I made almost no impact until about 12:00 when I entered Slater. I bought a water which I did not need and a salad which should’ve had no impact but did because of the container. My room has been without light for the entire day so far, but I have been using my phone and laptop often.

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Day One

My day started off pretty tough but got easier as I went. I began with a short shower which I think is going to be the hardest change for me. I then transitioned to breakfast where I had eggs and potatoes, but found myself struggling to have zero food waste. The third difficulty of the day was Slater.

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