Day 5: A normal day

Today actually felt normal. It felt normal to take a short shower, it felt normal to not use any paper towels, it felt normal to save my food scraps, etc.┬áIt is weird to me that its the last day of NI week, yet today was the first day that it didn’t feel different. I think I will continue these things and allow them to become apart of my routine.

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Day 4: Ho-hum

I’ve had a lot of time for ho-hum today, here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about:

This project has made me think a lot about cities and regions where it is easiest to live sustainably and without waste, or where you need little resources to be comfortable and fulfill┬áneeds. Places where it is neither cold enough to need heat or warm enough to need AC, where there is a variety of nutritious foods grown year round, where biking/walking/public transportation are readily available and convenient, where there is a”green” culture and people want to do what’s right for the environment.

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Day 3: What do you want for Christmas?

I had to use a few paper towels today in the kitchen today. I’ve noticed that paper towels are probably my biggest source of waste. As we wrap up the next two days and beyond, I want to start exploring ways that I can cut down on my use towels. Though I am bummed that I had to use several paper towels today, it is empowering to know what I consume too much of and that there are exciting options to cut back on them.

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Day 2: Today hasn’t been that bad

Today hasn’t been that bad. I kept my shower under 4 minutes, I’ve been avoiding paper towels and napkins, and I’ve contributed almost no new trash to my bag. I even decided to take out one of the things I had put in there because I realized I could reuse it. Yesterday’s problem of wondering what to do with my compost is long gone, I’ve decided to freeze my food scraps and bring them to Dr.

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Day 1: 4 Mistakes

Let me preface this post by explaining one of my biggest goals for the week: produce no more garbage throughout the week than what can fit in a one-gallon ziplock bag. Each day I’ll do an update of how full the bag is.

Mistake #1: After I washed my hands this morning, I instinctively reached for the paper towel and didn’t remember that it was NI week until my hands were sufficiently dried and the paper towel was very used… oops.

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