Day 5

Finally, no impact week has come to an end. When I first thought about this I said to myself, “I can finally go back to normal”. Once I realized I said this, I had a realization that my life had not really changed that much through these 5 days. I did, on the other hand, notice that I was more caring and careful about what I used, what I spent, and how I lived.

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Day 4

Today by far has been my worst day! I was unable to go to dinner or even lunch, so I was forced to eat at Slayter in a hurry so had to purchase packaged food and a soft drink. With this in mind, my trash went up greatly. This was something that I was really trying to cut down on, but sadly today ruined it for me.

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Day 3

As day 3 comes to an end, it feels like this week is flying by. Today the day was not difficult at all because I was busy with homework and classes all day. I didn’t have to worry about food being organic or local because I only ate one time in the dinning hall. Also, I didn’t have to worry about trash creating trash because the only thing I ate during the day was fruit.

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Day 2

As my second day came to an end, I see facing a problem in the near future. I see my goal of only taking 5 hot showers coming to an end because I used 2 hot showers today alone. I thought that I would be able to handle showering one a day with hot water, but it seemed to back-fire.

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Day 1

My first day has been pretty easy but it has had obstacles. In breakfast for example, I remembered that one of my goals had been to eat less meat and less processed food, yet I had pancakes that were probably frozen, sausage, and some sprite. This proved to me that my goals were going to be harder than expected.

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