Final Day. Great dinner, not so green!

I went to the kangaroo patting snake cuddling festival tonight in Slayter and it was a lot of fun! However, all the food wares are all made of plastics. But, that did not stop me from giving my No impact week a grand finale. I brought my own fork and knife (it’s already become a habit) and therefore I did not have to use the plastics that they provided.

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Day three, Ho-Hum & Curtis

I really liked the talk about Ho-hum during class today. Therefore I decided to spend my day without cellphone. I do have the common habit of checking cell phone whenever I’m not occupied with some other task, it’s like some sort of mental fixation.. Anyway, a day without cell phone is actually not as bad as you would think.

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Day two No Impact. IGA is one depressing place.

My day has been going smoothly so far. I fell asleep pretty late last night and I thought of a lot of possible ways to conserve energy and lower carbon footprint.

When you think at night, somewhat outrageous thoughts tend to come up: should people travel less? should people cut down from leisure traveling by air or any sort of transportation?

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Impact, No Impact!

Today is the first day of no impact week. I haven’t had meat for two days and now I’m hungry.

Since last weekend, I have made a lot of conscious decisions. I unplugged all my devices when I didn’t need them. I took short showers to conserve water. My phone charger broke on Saturday morning therefore I haven’t had access to phone calls and texting.

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