Day #4: My body dislikes NI week

Hello there fellow No Impact friends,

Although Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s are full of classes for me; I’m luckily free all of Thursday’s. My 9:00am alarm woke me up this morning but I couldn’t find the energy to get up. I decided to press snooze and after what seemed like 30 minutes, I looked at my alarm.

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Day 3: It’s coming along

Howdy guys!

Today I decided to blog at a reasonable time. I hope all of you have had a great impact-less day. So since yesterday I didn’t play any Xbox, I thought that today I could afford an hour of it. I needed that after four dang classes. Terrible scheduling, I know.

So today I had another planet saving day, except for the first 30 minutes after waking up.

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No Impact Day 2: Less Xbox

Not starting the day with a cup of coffee was rough today. After my class I had no energy and nearly went straight to Slayter for a ‘cup of joe’ like cool kids like to call it. However, I made the commute (3 minute walk which seems like a mile) to Shorney for a cup to use at Slayter.

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A Piece of Cake

During break I dedicated my time to family and staying school-free as much as possible. This was great until Sunday night when I realized that my week was going to start off all wrong. So much homework!¬†When the clock hit 12am, I realized I couldn’t use my Keurig anymore. That beautiful machine my parents gave me before leaving.

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