Day 5: Straw-nger than ever

The last day of No Impact was good, but a little tough. I was invited to go out to dinner with my friends tonight. So all five of us hopped in the car and drove out to Bob Evans. I was excited since I hadn’t been invited to go to eat all week. However, as soon as we sat down the waitress served us water with each of our own individual straws.

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Final Day Blog: Mary

Whew, last day done! I can say with confidence that I finished the week off strong.

Three things worth noting happened on this final day:

Two of my friends invited me out to lunch at Panera today. We all carpooled there which is fine, but then I had to deal with all the waste that came along with my meal: a paper bag and a chip bag.

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Day 5: Finish…strong?

Today was difficult in all the ways that Dr. Aguilar described, and as a result, I made a series of slip-ups. I had to skip a dining hall lunch due to an appointment, and didn’t think I’d make it through the day without something from Slayter. Lack of foresight = 2 pieces of plastic waste on the very last day.

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Quigg’s No Impact Week: Final Day

Sadly, nothing exciting happened. I went through my routine without a sitch. Only real new thing I did was run around the indoor track instead of using the treadmill when working out. I somehow got 53 seconds again for my shower. I do feel as though some of my habits this week are gonna pass over to the rest of these weeks and hopefully when I get home.

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Day 5: A normal day

Today actually felt normal. It felt normal to take a short shower, it felt normal to not use any paper towels, it felt normal to save my food scraps, etc. It is weird to me that its the last day of NI week, yet today was the first day that it didn’t feel different. I think I will continue these things and allow them to become apart of my routine.

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Day 5 Blog Kate

So my last day has probably been my worst day so far. I have definitely had the lights on the most today. I also did not meet my shower goal on my last day. My shower today was 6 minutes long. The longest it has been all week. This is still shorter than my regular shower time of 10 minutes, but I never reached my goal of a three minute shower.

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Last Day Blog!

Today is the last day of my NI week. Through the five days, I find it’s hard to do the real “no impact”. Sometimes I fotgot and ate some meat, or something like this. Today, everything is going well. I could take shower within five minutes. I only ate vegetables. I didn’t buy anything but I bought coffee in Stalyer.

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Last Day!

On the one hand, I’m getting tired of no tv and am ready for some media stimulation…on the other I’m kind of sad to lose the focus of the week on living with little impact.

Today’s wins: did not eat what I wanted but what I had which was local eggs and sausage and not that bad (but I’m tired of eggs); ate lunch in curtis AND brought my own napkin

Today’s losses: went to the Barney kitchen and instinctively went for a muffin!

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Last Day – Thank Goodness

Today has been a decent day in terms of accomplishing my goals. I had to walk to south quad for my class and today it was much colder than before. I would’ve loved to take my car down there, but I didn’t. Not going to lie, I tried to use my car but realized it was so frozen and I couldn’t even open the door!

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Day 4 Noah Blog

Today was not a great day for me because I was not feeling well.  However I had much less impact on the environment because I never turned on the lights in my room, and I never got food from the dining halls, so less of an impact.  The one thing I did have an impact with was my water usage, I took a ten minute long shower instead of my three minute long shower.  

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