Day 1: Abashed lateness

While this post is coming about 16 minutes late (bad start), it comes after a day which constantly surprised and on multiple occasions had me on my toes.

My goals for this week are such:

  • Eat no meat
  • Eat less food
  • Use substantially less electricity
  • Use no motor powered forms of transportation
  • Unplug devices that don’t need to be plugged in
  • Tell people about No Impact week
  • Take no shower longer than 2 minutes
  • Generate zero waste (trash containers)
  • Recycle correctly

I started my day off luckily, since my roommate sleeps in pretty late every day so I’m pretty used to getting ready for the day without lights on anyways.

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Thanksgiving break – A treatise on snot rags

I guess this’ll serve as a test for posting (so far so good).

Something interesting occurred to me over break while hanging out with my brother at his house. Being four years older than me and out of college, he’s got what many would assume to be “the life”: living in a house on campus with four of his best friends, working as a bike mechanic/caterer, and generally just hanging out (as far as I can tell).

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Day 3- A much better day

Today in my opinion has been a great day when I think about the impact that I have made thus far.  As mentioned in my last post, today was the day that I had a huge organic chemistry exam so I really did not care what my hair looked like.  So after I showered to go to bed, my hair was still wet from the previous day. 

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