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Here it is all loaded up. Classics 202: Ancient Rome’s first ever Podcast Final! Students were divided up into groups based on interests and had to each produce an episode on the topic with individual segments by each student. They also had to produce transcripts and notes. 

Thanks to the folks in ET (Kelli Van Wasshenova, in particular) and to Jesse Dukes of WBEZ (Curious City) for his mentoring.

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This Roman Life, Episode 6: Gender, Sexuality, and Slavery in Ancient Rome

After asking people from the general population questions regarding  gender, sexuality, and slavery in Ancient Rome, it has become obviously clear that the answers to how women, gender, sexuality, and slavery all play a part in the Roman society is widely unclear. Sarah, Monica, Daniel, and Olivia are here today to delve deeper into these topics and answer these questions for us including: How was gender defined in Ancient Rome?

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This Roman Life, Episode 5: Cults, Festivals, Holidays and Entertainments

A lot can be said about a society based off of their religious and entertainment practices. In Ancient Rome this came in the form of cults, some illegal, others legal, and festivals like Saturnalia and the festival of Jonas and in dinner parties and games.


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Carson, Gary. “The Cult of Dionysus – The God of Wine.”

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This Roman Life, Episode 4: The Roman Military

SUMMARY: The Roman empire was for centuries a force to be reckoned with. Recognized as one of the great hegemonic powers in human history, it was Rome who set the standard for western empires to come. Despite possessing political, economic, and cultural dominance throughout much of its existence it was the military strength of Rome, which enabled for such rapid growth and sustained success.

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This Roman Life, Episode 3: Non-elite Romans: Immigrants, Freedpeople, Slaves, and Citizens

SUMMARY: Ask any educated American if they can name an Ancient Roman, and you’ll get a lot of  responses of Julius Caesar. Some may also think of emperors, like Augustus, Nero, Trajan, Hadrian, or Caligula, and still others may suggest characters from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, such as Cicero or Mark Antony. But what can people say about Romans who weren’t emperors or senators, or Romans who had minimal, if any, power in society?

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This Roman Life, Episode 2: Art, Architecture, and Technology of Rome

SUMMARY: It’s safe to say that people don’t seem to know a whole lot about Roman technology, art, and architecture other than the coliseum, aqueducts, and interesting looking sculptures. With such advancements in these areas of life in today’s society, there is plenty of reason to look back at the Roman Empire and reflect on what these different topics used to look like.

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This Roman Life, Episode 1: Past and Present

SUMMARY: If you haven’t noticed (and there is nothing wrong with that) our country is fixated on continuing the legacy of the Roman empire. Video games, political speeches, and architecture trace their lineage to Rome. But how reliable is our modern understanding of ancient culture? Is it reliable enough to truly say we have been inspired by them?

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Coming Soon!

This blog will contain the podcast series ‘This Roman Life” produced by the Classics 202: Ancient Rome class in Spring 2019 as part of a Mellon grant sponsored Podcast-a-thon in partnership with Narrative Journalism. Episodes 1-6 will drop soon…

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