This Roman Life, Episode 1: Past and Present

SUMMARY: If you haven’t noticed (and there is nothing wrong with that) our country is fixated on continuing the legacy of the Roman empire. Video games, political speeches, and architecture trace their lineage to Rome. But how reliable is our modern understanding of ancient culture? Is it reliable enough to truly say we have been inspired by them? How much do we really need to know about Ancient Rome to make sense of our modern life? Much of our modern understanding has been shaped by our cultural narrative, and not a true in-depth understanding of Ancient Rome. And we don’t know how reliable our depiction is of them. Often we impose our own mores on the past rather than come to terms with theirs. To make sense of some of our questions, Connor, Benny, Maddie, and Dylan (appearing in order) look at how Roman law, families, and politics relate to legal practices and immigration politics in the US., Donald Trump’s presidency, white supremacist organizations, and Hungary’s recent reproduction laws.


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