Anderson Lecture – “Geoscience Problem Solving for Sustainability: Focus on Energy and Climate”

This year’s Anderson Science Lecturer is Dr. Marcia McNutt, editor-in-chief for the journal Science.  Dr McNutt has expertise in several national-level environmental and science arenas, including sustainability, energy and climate.  Her visit is hosted by the Department of Geosciences.

Monday (March 2) at Swasey Chapel

8:00–9:00 PM Anderson Lecture: Geoscience Problem Solving for Sustainability: Focus on Energy and Climate.  In this lecture, Dr. McNutt will discuss the role Geosciences will play in humanity’s attempts to understand and ameliorate global, regional, and local-scale environmental change.  Topics will include: energy, water and mineral resources, climate change, and geoengineering.


Philosophy lecture on aesthetics for conservation

aestheticsforconservation-500x300The Department of Philosophy welcomes Allen Carlson, professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, presenting:

“What is a Sound Natural Aesthetics for Conservation Policy and Land Management?”

Recently a number of environmental philosophers, realizing the importance of aesthetic appreciation in our relationship with the natural environment, have claimed that, as one prominent environmental philosopher puts it: “a sound natural aesthetics is crucial to sound conservation policy and land management.” In light of such claims, the question of the nature of “a sound natural aesthetics” warrants consideration. The question has been addressed by several different accounts, ranging from time-honored approaches such as the picturesque tradition and landscape formalism to more recent points of view. This presentation will examine these different positions, arguing that, concerning the question “What is a sound natural aesthetics for conservation policy and land management?” some approaches are more promising than others. Free and open to the public.

Allen Carlson is Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus) at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. His research interests are environmental philosophy, aesthetics, and especially the aesthetics of nature and landscape. He has published numerous articles and several books, including Aesthetics and the Environment: The Appreciation of Nature, Art and Architecture (Routledge), Nature and Landscape: An Introduction to Environmental Aesthetics (Columbia), and, with Glenn Parsons, Functional Beauty (Oxford).

When: Thursday, March 3 at 3:30 pm

Where: Talbot, Room 210

A threat to amphibians and humans alike

On February 19 at 8 pm in Swasey Chapel, the Biology department is hosting a lecture by Dr. Tyrone Hayes of U.C. Berkeley titled “From Silent Spring to Silent Night: a Tale of Toads and Men”.
Dr. Hayes studies the impact of pesticides/herbicides on amphibians.  Interestingly, some of these chemicals appear to disrupt hormones in frogs, leading to feminization of male frogs. Since frog hormones are similar to human hormones, Dr. Hayes has become an advocate for careful monitoring and regulation of environmental chemicals.
The lecture is part of the Spectrum Series and is being sponsored by The Reid and Polly Anderson Lecture Series and the Ronneberg Endowment.

Ronneberg Lecture on Clinical Genetics

kristy CrooksPlease join us for the next presentation in the Ronneberg Lecture Series:

Title: Cool Careers and Even Cooler Science in Clinical Genetics

Kristy Crooks, Ph.D.
Board Certified Molecular Geneticist and Cytogenetics Fellow at UNC

Dr. Crooks will talk about her work in the very exciting field of clinical genetics, sharing real stories and cases. Dr. Crooks works with MDs, genetic counselors and lab technicians to help research and diagnose genetic diseases. What sorts of careers are there in clinical genetics, and how do you get them?  Come find out!

When: Monday March 10, 2014 at 4:45 pm.
Where: Olin 114