Speech strategies of African Grey Parrots

Denison Alum Erin Colbert-White ’07 (Doctoral Candidate at the University of Georgia) will present:

“FAR FROM MIMICS: Conversational Strategies Used by Speech-Trained African Grey Parrots”

When: Monday, November 5, at 7 pm

Where: Burton Morgan Lecture Hall

Summary: Parrots are the only nonhuman animals capable of both producing and using speech. While there are comparisons of cognitive abilities between parrots and children, sociolinguistic comparisons between the two are nonexistent. This talk explores a series of studies based on social interactions between African Grey parrots and their human social partners. Evidence for basic sociolinguistic features such as turn-taking, volume modulation, manipulation, and social referencing will be discussed within the framework of child language development.

Sponsored by the Ronneberg Fund

Moriana Garcia