New course to address computing needs of the social sciences

CS 109The study of the foundations of computer science and, more largely, computational problem solving has historically been the purview of mathematicians, applied mathematicians, and computer scientists. But the use of computation and the need for computational problem solving has made its way into almost every discipline of study, along with the discipline’s particular algorithmic techniques, data representation, and problem modeling.  Because of this, the Math & Computer Science department has, created a CS 109  “Foundations of Computing Through Applications of the Social Sciences”. In this course, students will learn to abstract real-world problems and design efficient computational solutions for them.  They will practice these skills with applications in the social sciences. Topics such as economic and population modeling, social networks, voting systems and game theory will be discussed in the context of computational problem-solving. No prior computing experience is required. The class will meet MWRF at 10:30. To register, enter crn# 40246 CS 109-01 when processing your on-line class registration.

Dee Ghiloni