Art inspired by Chemistry at Ebaugh

Denison student Faith Simunyu ’13 love of chemistry and art have come together in the solo exhibition “Emotional(less) Combinations of Molecules” currently held at Ebaugh Laboratories (2nd floor).

Faith, a Biochemistry major, has developed what she calls “a passion for…the artistic expression of science”. After graduating next May, she will continue pursuing her passion through a Master of Science Degree on Medical Illustration at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Biomedical Visualization Program.

Faith Simunyu and Dr. Joe Reczek at the opening reception of the exhibition at Ebaugh Laboratories.

On display are some colorful works inspired by her experience working with liquid crystals in Dr. Joe Reczek’s lab. Liquid crystals are molecules that have both liquid and solid properties. Mixtures of these molecules can be used to create organic donor-acceptor solar cells. Compare Faith’s beautiful representation of a donor-acceptor system of liquid crystals with the original microscopic image below.

Microscopic photo of donor-acceptor columnar liquid crystals

Microscopic photo of donor-acceptor columnar liquid crystals.

Faith, originally from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, came to Denison as a Posse student. Other works in the exhibition include some portraits of fellow students in the Posse group, other friends and a few studies of the human body. Her portraits, besides depicting careful renditions of human anatomy, also manage to transmit all the emotions experienced by the subjects: happiness, surprise, sadness, the loving bond between mother and child, all are captured in Faith’s artwork.

In Faith’s words, she illustrates “people as emotional combinations of molecules”, in contrast with her images of liquid crystals, which she defines as “emotionless”. Despite the philosophical difference in their execution, all of her pieces manage to inspire and surprise the viewer.

The exhibition will be open until May 16th, 2013. Do not miss the experience.

Moriana Garcia