For Instructors – L2 Students’ Academic Background

Before they come to Denison, students from all language backgrounds have put hard work and many years into their educations.  Writing in particular can vary greatly from school to school and class to class, even in the US.  Here is some brief information on the various academic writing backgrounds your L2 students may have when they come into your classroom.  

Warning: This information is simplified, and meant to be used as a guide when assisting students in their transition to an American academic writing style.  Please pursue the cited resources, and keep checking back!  The page will be continuously updated with additional information. 

Chinese Academic Writing Styles

The qi-cheng-zhuan-he (起 承 转 合) method and what it means for argumentation.

Vietnamese Academic Writing Styles

The academic context of the traditions of social harmony and the effects of the Ministry of Education and Training on argumentative writing in the classroom.