“‘Tis the Season…”

It’s that time of year:  exams, research papers, projects, and quizzes abound.  

How does one continue with practice in light of all that stuff?

Try combining your efforts!  

  • If your teacher has asked for 10 repetitions of a “blob,” or small part of a piece, alternate each repetition with spelling a spelling word, ask a question from a study guide, or repeat a math fact. 
  • Play those repetitions and then read a paragraph from an assignment, do a math problem, repeat a vocabulary word definition.
  • Do you have a review list?  Play five review pieces in between two homework assignments.  

These strategies breaks up the inactivity that sets in when sitting and studying for long periods of time.  Combining music (right brain) and homework (left brain) gives your brain a workout, too!

Happy Studying!


What are some strategies for coming homework and practicing that have worked for you?