My Body is Beautiful

I believe that it would be ineffective to merely state an encouraging message about body positivity, and that we should embrace ourselves, flaws and all. In truth, the social construction of beauty is imbedded so deeply within ourselves that accepting ourselves can be a challenge. This is why I have decided to take the leap, and tell you all my experience with body image, the good and the ugly. For me personally, I struggled for years to finally love my body and that journey to get there was difficult and lonely. However, I hope that if I share with you my experience with body image, then it can help others in a similar situation. I always believe that personal narratives …

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Beautiful subject

we choose to learn in

a humorous way.


A muted topic,

extreme discomfort,

embarrassing shrugs.


Why is it that this

topic is of such

disgrace to many?


Intimacy? No.

Given options yet

limited knowledge.


Thoughts are constructed

to view this as wrong

when really, it’s not.


It’s corporeal,

it is survival–



The Female Orgasm,

acknowledge it not.…

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The Female “Uh-Oh”

The CWGA office has been buzzing these past few weeks in preparation for the “I ❤ Female Orgasm” event that took place last Wednesday! Our staff had so much fun planning it and we hope the students here on campus enjoyed attending the event as much as we did.

I wasn’t privy to what “The Female O” was all about until last year. But when I went, I loved it, and am now glad that I am in the position to be the one working to promote something I thoroughly enjoy. However, the reaction I had last year, compared to some of the reactions I got this year as one of the event coordinators, differed a lot. While I reacted …

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Directed By Women

“Directed by women.” These are three very exciting and equally frightening words. Exciting, in the sense that since I myself am a cinema major here at Denison and would love nothing more than to be placed in that category someday. Frightening, in the sense that the idea of being a renowned woman director is so unheard of that it shocks people—in 2015… We aren’t as progressive as we seem, people. According to the report via Celluloid Ceiling (2012), “In 2012, women comprised

According to a report via Celluloid Ceiling (2012), “In 2012, women comprised 18% of all directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors working on the top 250 domestic grossing films,” and in 2013, that …

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Confessions of a Part Time Feminist.

As a senior, and someone who has worked at the Center for Women and Gender Action for three years, it has been hard for me, as a black female to find the balance of my interest and dedication to feminism as well as racial equality. Is there even a balance to be found? I find myself stuck in between identities, and which I identify with the most. I’ve always described myself as being a “black female,” and I never thought about the fact that I always say black before female. This thought spiraled into many more.  Although I attended an all-girls high school, I never thought about feminism before I arrived to Denison. From 8:00 am to 3:30 pm I …

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Home is the warmest word…for some


The moment that you go on to a stage to give a speech, you feel your heart beating vehemently and your hands go numb. Or take the moment when your long-kept secret is unfolded. These moments of anxiety are short-lived, and by short-lived I mean they are trivial, compared to a kind of ceaseless, heavy, and obsessed anxiety. It comes to you not because you have done anything, like not doing well on an exam, that makes its arrival predictable, and there is no or few ways you can make it go away easily. You are forced to face it when deprived of proper tools, and try to survive, or not.
I am talking about the anxiety that is …

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How Do I “Love My Body” When No One Else Seems To?

“You’d be really hot if you were skinny.”

A male friend of mine, with seemingly good intentions, said this to me a couple years ago. In the context of our conversation this statement didn’t shock or hurt me as much as I now think it should have. What was my response, you ask?

“I know.”

That’s all I said. But I really did know; by the culture’s standards I’m not even close to “skinny,” but I’m not particularly “fat” by these standards either. So where do I fit? In size 10 jeans, actually, and those jeans look pretty great if I do say so myself. However, I didn’t always think this way.

Healthy body image campaigns often tell us that …

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Television & Liberal Feminism: A Response to “Why I Hate Myself for Loving Girls”

I have long been interested in questions of legitimate versus illegitimate feminism. Who is allowed and who is not allowed to label themselves feminist? What are the necessary qualifications? Are we feminists simply because we identify as such? Or is there some action required? If there are multiple, highly individualized definitions of “feminism,” then does it follow from this that there are multiple ways to be feminist? Are some simply “right” and others “wrong” or do they achieve or fail to achieve a “true” or “perfect” feminism to varying degrees? In academic language, these questions revolve around two feminist camps: liberal and radical. Radical feminism acknowledges the systemic nature of oppression and argues that, in order to make any real …

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“Left-over women” in China—a misread story and gender oppression

Two years ago, I overheard a disturbing conversation in a barbecue restaurant in Beijing, China that made me realize how far people can go in playing the role of oppressors, even at a dinner table. It went like this:

Woman A: “Why haven’t you been married to someone? You have to hurry up, or no one will take you anymore. Men like young girls; especially those rich guys. “

Man B, who seemed to be the husband of woman A, kept nodding without saying anything.

Woman B looked down to her dish and said: “I don’t think I am that old.”

I agree with woman B that she didn’t look that old. First of all, woman A and woman B …

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Bikini Season

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and if I have to see another ad on getting ready for “bikini season,” my head will explode. On a quick Google search of the term, some of the first articles to appear had titles such as “7 things you can do now to get ready for bikini season,” “4 weeks to a bikini body,” and “How to Prepare for Bikini Season.”

When looking at pictures tagged with #bikini season on tumblr, I found a lot of disturbing pictures. There were the (unfortunately) common pictures of super skinny bathing suit models. There were some memes meant to be funny that showed larger animals, …

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