Introducing Denison’s Summer TUTTI Performing Arts Camp

Cross-curricular pedagogy is common at Denison and other liberal arts institutions, especially within the arts, where we are always looking for opportunities to expose young performing artists to multi-disciplinary collaborative efforts. When given the opportunity to thoroughly and thoughtfully explore all aspects of a creative project, their world expands, and they gain a deep and enriching understanding of how artists across the disciplines think and work.

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Application review at Denison

The dust has settled since our application deadline passed on January 15, and once again Denison has received a record number of applications – over 12,000 in total, topping last year’s previous high of 9,500. We’re excited that interest in Denison is at an all time high – but it also means we have a lot of applications to read and tough decisions to make over the coming weeks.

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Inaugural QuestBridge Class

Last fall, we were thrilled to learn that Denison had been invited to participate as a QuestBridge partner college. QuestBridge helps highly-talented, low-income high school students pursue education at some of the best colleges and universities in the country. We knew this opportunity would be transformational for Denison; QuestBridge has long had a reputation for identifying and counseling incredibly gifted students.

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Denison removes home equity from financial aid

For many years, Denison has been one of the few colleges in the country that guarantees to meet the full demonstrated financial need of every student. I am pleased to announce that we are expanding our financial aid program by eliminating home equity from our determination of financial need and replacing that expectation dollar-for-dollar with free Denison-funded grant aid.

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Welcome back — there’s still more work to do

Well, that wasn’t nearly long enough, was it? After a much needed summer of recovery, the fall semester is in full swing for colleges and high schools across the country. Last year was undoubtedly the strangest and most exhausting academic year I can recall, and though our operations remain far from “normal,” we’re excited to connect with counselors and prospective students over the next few months.

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Colleges need to engage in a financial aid ‘arms race.’ Here’s how that could happen

This article originally appeared in The Los Angeles Times

When it comes to challenges facing our country, a lack of meaningful jobs and growing income inequality are two of the most persistent. Fortunately, colleges have the ability to make a difference, explains President Adam Weinberg in The Los Angeles Times.

Two of the most persistent challenges facing the U.S.

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Diversity discussions at Denison

Summer’s here — and the time is right for dancing in the street! Isn’t it so nice to be OUTSIDE?

Now that the summer is in full swing, I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our multicultural recruitment efforts at Denison. After an unprecedented year, we are thrilled to have enrolled one of the largest classes of multicultural students in Denison’s history!

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As May 1 Approaches

For the next few days, almost every college-bound high school senior will be going through the same routine. Wake up, decide on ‘College A,” scroll TikTok for a sign of affirmation. Change their mind about ‘College A,” go to school. Realize that every other senior is doing the same thing. On Saturday, all the overthinking, all the confusion, and all of the mystery will come to an end.

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