Greece Course Details 2019

This survey course will cover the history, archaeology, and art of ancient Greece through investigation of significant sites, monuments, and museum collections in Attica, the Peloponnese, Delphi, Corinth, and the island of Aegina.  We study monumental and domestic architecture, sculpture, …


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Summer Itinerary

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Professors in Charge

Dr. Max L. Goldman (
Dr. Rebecca Kennedy (

Course Description:

This survey course will cover Ancient Rome from roughly the mid 2C BCE to the mid 2C CE, through investigation of significant sites, monuments, and museum …

Rome Day 10

Day 10 (Wednesday 24 May): Pompeii

Watch: Mary Beard: Life and Death in a Roman Town [1hr]


    • breakfast at Vesuvian (7:30)
    • Site Visit: Pompeii.  A visit to the city.  Imagine you are a

Rome Day 8

AM: Travel to Vesuvian Institute (c.3hrs)

PM: Visit Villa San Marco & Arianna

Preparation: Villas in Stabia (12 min youtube video in Italian, auto-translated subtitles available); Restoring Ancient Stabiae (youtube 6min)…

Rome Day 7

Sunday, 21 May

Ostia Antica (9-4:30)

(No meals at Centro).  Get breakfast and meet at Pyramide Train station at 9 a.m.[map]  9:15 train departs to Ostia Antica on FC2 Roma-Lido [45 min].  Wear comfortable walking shoes, as we will walk a …

Rome Day 6

Saturday, 20 May

Campus Martius of Augustus, Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius (9:30-12:30)

No meals at the centro.  No dress code.  Backpacks must be checked. Notebook, camera will need to be carried by hand.

AM: Meet outside the Ara Pacis Museum

Rome Day 5

Palazzo Massimo & Baths of Diocletian Museum (9-3)

No dress code (unless you want to go into the church; see below).  Backpacks must be checked.  Notebook, camera will need to be carried by hand.  

AM: meet outside Palazzo