Rome Day 1

Early Rome Architecture Walk (11-1pm)

Meet at Round Temple at 11:00 AM [map], wearing “church modest” attire (shoulders and knees covered).

Day 1 - img_0009-1024x768.jpg image #0

Student Naamah Leerdam present on site at the Forum Romanum

Preparation: Watch Layers of Rome [8 min] & The Architecture and Engineering of Rome [12 minutes]; Read Claridge p.39-45 (Building Materials); Badian “Triumph” (OCD3).  Prepare circa 5 minutes on one of the following ancient sites (page numbers refer to Claridge)

Temple of Portunus (285) (Lex)
Arch of Janus (291) (Klea)
Republican Victory Temples (in vegetable market) (279) (Náamah)
Temple of Apollo Medicus Sosianus (277) (Nick)
Theatre of Marcellus (275) (Brandi)
Porticus of Octavia (253) (Kevin)
Republican victory temples (in Largo Argentina) (240) (Geneva)
Round Temple (p.287) (Tommy)

For preparing your monument, be able to talk about (if possible) dates, original purpose, builder, history of monument.  Circa 5 minutes.


Be able to identify at sight: tuff, travertine, marble.
Know how Roman temples differed from Greek temples.
Know why the City of Rome is a “palimpsest” and point out examples.
Know what the triumphal procession is and how it affected the city of Rome.
Be able to navigate to the city center and back to the Centro on public transportation

Modern City: 

Bocca della Verità (wiki link)
Basilica di Santa Maria in Cosmedin (wiki link)
Fontana delle Tartarughe (tourist site)
Tram line 8
Rome’s Jewish Ghetto (youtube video): Carciofi alla Giudia!

Gianicolo Walk (5-6:30 pm)

Meet in the Centro Lobby at 5pm.  No dress code.  Bring cameras.  

Nothing to prepare.  This is a walk in the area of the Centro so that I can point out aspects of the area.  However, you might find it interesing to know what the Risorgimento was and the important figure of Garibalidi.