Rome Day 11

Day 11 (Thursday, 25 May)

National Archaeological Museum Naples

ReadingWikipedia Entry for National Museum of Naples;


        • Breakfast at Vesuvian (7:30)

You get to the Naples Museum by taking the Circumvesuviana train (which you now know so well) to Naples (50 min?). Get off on the penultimate stop Napoli Garibaldi (not the last stop, Napoli P.Nola). Go to metro line 2 (towards Pozzuoli).  Take metro one stop (4m.) toCavour.Walk up the hill, through the park, to the Museum (the big pink building).

        • Museum Visit: National Archaeological Museum Naples [c.9:30-12:30]


        • Free, explore Naples individually. Have Naples Pizza.
        • Dinner at Vesuvian [c.7:30 PM]