Rome Day 2

Roman Forum and Palatine Hill (8:45-3)

Meet the ticket office at via Cavour & via dei Fori Imperiali [map] at 8:45.  Bring only small-medium sized backpacks are allowed in (they will be x-rayed).  No dress code.

Preparation: Examine Piranesi’s engraving (c.1775) of the Campo Vaccino (be sure to look close up); Roman Forum [15m]; One of the following monuments.

    • Porticus of Gaius and Lucius & Basilica Paulli (69-71) (Geneva)
    • Curia (71-75) (Kevin)
    • Arch of Septemius Severus (78-9) (Brandi)
    • Temple of Saturn (83-4) (Nick)
    • Rostra (85-87) (Eva)
    • Basilica Julia (92-3) (Náamah)
    • Temple of Castor (94) (Jenn)
    • Temple of Vesta and Atrium Vestae (105-9) (Lex)
    • Arch of Titus (121-123) (Klea)
    • Domitian’s Palace (Tommy)


    • Be able to identify the Capitoline, Palatine and Aventine hills.
    • Be able to describe the use of the forum and talk about its use of space
    • Know the following buildings and their purpose(s): Curia, Basilica, Arch, Rostra
    • Be able to describe how and why Augustus reoriented to forum