Rome Day 3

Capitoline Museums, Imperial Fora, Colosseum (8:45-5)

AM: Meet in front of the statue of Marcus Aurelius in the piazza di Campidoglio at 8:45.  No dress code.  Backpacks must be checked.  Notebook, camera will need to be carried by hand.  circa 12pm-1:00, lunch break.

PM: Colosseum Visit (independently) 1:00-2:00 pm.

Meet at the Column of Trajan at 2:15 pm.  Special Entry: Forum of Trajan @ 3pm

Preparation: Claridge p.460-8 (Capitoline Museums); Imperial Fora: Introduction (5min); p.312-19 (Colosseum); [Extra: Silly, but surprisingly informative Video illustrating the construction of Trajan’s Column (5min)]. One of the following monuments…

Forum of Caesar (163-169) [Group 1]
Forum of Augustus (177-180) [Group 2]
Forum of Trajan (180-184) [Group 3]
Basilica Ulpia (184-186) [Group 4]
Trajan’s Column (186-193) [Group 5]


Select object for assignment at Capitoline Museum
Using the “Colosseum assignment”, document problems of preservation and display.
Understand how rulers changed the topography of the city (esp. regarding the Capitoline and Quirinal hills)
Know the problems of preservation and display of ancient monuments
Group 3: blog the day

Modern City

the history of the Campidoglio
Mussolini, Via dei Fori Imperiali, and the Metro line C

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Prof. Kennedy in the Markets of Trajan