Rome Day 4

Pyramid of Cestius, Monte Testaccio, Montemartini Powerplant Museum (9:30-4)

No dress code.  

Preparation: Video, Testaccio (5min) 402-3 [Testaccio]; 397-401 [Cestius]; 468-9 [Montmartini]; Roman Portraits (video 1mn, Veristic Portraiture 3mn)

Recommended: Beard on Testaccio (c.5min); Erdkamp (2001) “Beyond the Consumer City” Historia p.332-356. 

AM: Meet at Montemartini Powerplant Museum at 9:30 (visit 9:30-11:30)Day 4 - img_0956-300x225.jpg image #0

Lunch: 11:30-3

PM: 3pm.  Meet at designated spot for special visits (monte testaccio)


1. Understand how Monte Testaccio serves as evidence for the “consumer city” models
2. Be able to recognize freedman reliefs and discuss their significance
3. Be able to recognize “veristic” portraits and discuss their significance

Modern City

How Cestius’s monument was cleaned (1min)
Katie Parla on the Testaccio Market (2min)
Eat at Mordi e Vai? (website) (my favorite sandwich shop)
Stop at Andreotti for un caffe and sweets. Famous are the maritozzi con la panna