Rome Day 6

Saturday, 20 May

Campus Martius of Augustus, Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius (9:30-12:30)

No meals at the centro.  No dress code.  Backpacks must be checked. Notebook, camera will need to be carried by hand.

AM: Meet outside the Ara Pacis Museum at 9:30

PM: Free

Preparation: Diana Kleiner on the Ara Pacis skip to Ara Pacis on right (22 min).  Il Mausoleo di Augusto (4 min); Campus Martius in the Roman Period (youtube 5min)

        • Ara Pacis (Group 1)
        • Augustus’ Mausoleum (Group 2)
        • Column of Marcus Aurelius (Group 3)
        • Temple to the Deified Hadrian (Group 4)
        • Pantheon (Group 5)


        • Know the motifs of the Ara Pacis
        • Understand how the Campus Martius was used by emperors for monumental building

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