Summer Itinerary

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Professors in Charge

Dr. Max L. Goldman (
Dr. Rebecca Kennedy (

Course Description:

This survey course will cover Ancient Rome from roughly the mid 2C BCE to the mid 2C CE, through investigation of significant sites, monuments, and museum collections in Rome and locations throughout southern Italy. Items considered will include both monumental and domestic architecture, wall painting, mosaics, sculpture, coins, epigraphic evidence, as well as maps and ancient sources.

Course Goals and Aims: This course has three specific aims:

To provide an introductory knowledge of the topography, history, daily life, and material remains of ancient Rome and Roman towns in the bay of Naples.

To improve the ability to see and experience space, and, particularly, to be able to describe those experiences in a meaningful way.

To engage with the process and problems surrounding discovering, preserving, and presenting the material legacy of the past.


Wednesday, May 16 (In Transit)

Flight out of USA

Thursday, May 17 (Arrival Day)

AM – Arrival

PM – Early Rome Architecture Walk; arrival dinner

Friday, May 18

AM – Monte Testaccio PM – Montemartini Powerplant Museum

Saturday, May 19

AM – Roman Forum & Palatine Hill PM – Colosseum

Sunday, May 20

AM – Pyramid of Cestius;  PM -Palazzo Massimo

Monday, May 21

AM -Diocletian Museums 

PM -Mausoleum of Augustus and Ara Pacis; Pantheon

Tuesday, May 22

AM – Capitoline Museum

PM – Imperial Fora; Markets of Trajan

Wednesday, May 23

Day Trip to Ostia

PM – Group meal

Thursday, May 24

AM – Transfer to Bay of Naples  

PM – Stabia villa

Friday, May 25

Day Trip to Paestum

Saturday, May 26

Naples Archaeological Museum

Sunday, May 27

AM – Herculaneum

PM – Oplontis

Monday, May 28


Tuesday, May 29

Free Day

Wednesday, May 30

Transfer to Rome with visit to Sperlonga; farewell dinner

Thursday, May 31 (Departure Day)

Transfer to airport, flight to USA