Tech – What We’ve Learned with Dr. Sarah Wolff

How do we know students are understanding the basics of our course before it’s too late? Dr. Sarah Wolff has found a way to use Notebowl to provide formative feedback to her students. She uses a cobination of short videos and discussion boards to make sure her students keep on top of their learning.

Interested in trying Sarah’s approach to formative feeding using Notebowl discussion boards? Check out this video on how to create class discussion boards in Notebowl. Sarah uses the post visibility option of “Hide other posts until student has 1 post” so that the students cannot see what others have posted until after they post their own response. 

Need support with designing your class assignments in Notebowl? Sign up for a consultation with an EdTech. They can help you think of ways to achieve your goals using available technology.