Day 5: Kea and Sounion

Today was mostly a journey day. We woke up on the beautiful island of Kea, and had breakfast out on a balcony over the ocean before we went to visit a local acorn farm. After getting a tour of the farm and spending some time learning about how the acorns are farmed and used, we had a break for lunch. As well as lunch we also had time to walk around and explore the island one last time before we left. It was nice to be able to explore a bit, some people went for food… some to go find cats. 

We all spilt into groups of about 3 or 4 and went out with the main objective to get food at the various restaurants/cafes on the seaside. We even saw some of the same acorn snacks and cookies, which we just had a behind the scenes look at, in the shops on the island! After which we all gathered together by the port and caught the 3:00 o’clock ferry back to Athens. It was a beautiful boat ride and many of the students spent the majority of time outside on deck, enjoying the view of the fine seas. Once we docked we all then boarded a bus and set of to Sounion, which fortunately wasn’t too long of a drive.

Once we arrived to Sounion, we went up a hill (which we were used to doing at this point) to see the Temple of Poseidon, that overlooks the Aegean. While there we all learned about the temple from Phoebe and both Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Goldman. It was amazing to think how they built this amazing marble structure on top of a mountain cliff. It really prompted us to think about how all the material is moved in the first place, how they brought it all up there. After taking some time to walk around the structure ourselves to observe what we thought, as well as looking out over the sea from the perspective of the temple, we all hopped back on the bus and headed towards the hotel. On top of the cliff and especially driving down, you could really see the advantage of that viewpoint, how that temple overlooks all the incoming ships or even those that pass by. Then after a rather long bus ride we finally got back, checked in to our hotel, and had some well needed dinner.

This was a amazing day, although we weren’t as busy as some of the other days. We still learned a lot, the Temple of Poseidon was a very unique experience. Unlike many of the other temples we have seen, this had a lot of standing parts, comparatively it was very intact. We were also able to find inscriptions/graffiti on the sides of the temple from people in the past including some pretty famous ones like Lord Byron himself. It was also  wonderful to spend the morning on the island, we got to learn about something modern and local. We got to walk around the island, people enjoyed our boat ride back. Even more so everyone enjoyed exploring the temple. We were all a little tired from the day before, but it was all very worth it to push through and wake up.