Updating Your Faculty Bio Page

How long has it been since you updated your faculty bio page on your department’s webpage? My CV was dated 2012, but I’m sure that was a typo…

Keeping an updated faculty bio page:

        • shows perspective students that you are part of an active department
        • lets current students know of your teaching and research interests
        • promotes your personal brand to others outside of Denison such as professional organizations and news outlets
        • advances Denison as an active and engaging institution.

To update your faculty bio page, go to: https://webpublishing.denison.edu/ and log on with your Denison credentials. The short video above will help you navigate this process. Submit your updates via this simple webform and University Communications will take care of the rest! You don’t have to recreate the wheel – often much of this info can be cut and pasted from your most recent review or application materials .