Tidying your tech for semester’s end

It’s that time of year! With the end of the semester quickly approaching, here are some Tips for Wrapping Up Your Semester from ETS. This video was made last spring, but it is a good one to bookmark and watch at the end of each semester. Keep in mind that Notebowl feature updates occur during the semester breaks, so always backup your grade books. The next Notebowl update will take place in late June 2021.

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Remote Exam Tip

With finals just around the corner, some faculty might be conducting these exams remotely again this semester. If you are one of them, read over the ETS blog post from the fall semester titled “Tech Recommendations for Remote Exams.” It provides three clear options for how to conduct exams in a remote setting. If you are using Notebowl for your exams, it is a good idea to watch this video that covers how to best setup tests and quizzes in Notebowl.

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Make Google Drive Work for You

Have you ever wondered why some of your colleagues seem to be obsessed with Google Drive when you just cannot get it to work how you want? In this ETS blog post, Kelli Van Wasshenova lists the top 5 reasons she is a fan of Google Drive, and explains why you might want to try using a “hidden gem” called Google Drive for desktop (formerly File Stream), which allows you to access Google Drive files right on your computer.

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Webcam not working? Microphone Suddenly Disappear from the Computer? Try “reseating” Your Device.

To “reseat” means to unplug and then plug in a peripheral device when it is not working on the computer. Basically, if you are in the classroom and the camera cuts out, or even the mouse stops working, the first thing to do is to check the USB connection and reseat the device. Read more about reseating devices in this ETS blog post

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What We’ve Learned with Dr. Sarah Wolff

How do we know students are understanding the basics of our course before it’s too late? Dr. Sarah Wolff has found a way to use Notebowl to provide formative feedback to her students. She uses a cobination of short videos and discussion boards to make sure her students keep on top of their learning.

Interested in trying Sarah’s approach to formative feeding using Notebowl discussion boards? 

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Keeping Organized Leads to a More Equitable Classroom

Like many of us during the fall, Dr. Chris Weingart – Biology, had a lot on her plate. To help manage everything she knew she had to keep her classes organized. In this video interview, Chris shares how she used a simple Google doc to organize her classes. This led to a more equitable experience for her students as everyone had the same access to resources, materials, and schedule no matter if they were in-person, remote, or happened to miss a class.

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Why you should update Zoom

Most of us have been using Zoom for about a year now, but some of the terms around the different ways to access Zoom can be confusing. The Zoom “client” is the application that is installed on your computer. The Zoom “web portal” is the website denison.zoom.us where, among other things, you can access and schedule your meetings, view your recordings saved to the Zoom cloud, setup polling, and import breakout rooms.

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Four Causes for ‘Zoom Fatigue’ and Their Simple Fixes

In this recent Tomorrow’s Professor post, Stanford researchers have identified four key causes for zoom fatigue:

  1. Excessive amounts of close-up eye contact is highly intense.
  2.  Seeing yourself during video chats constantly in real-time is fatiguing.
  3. Video chats dramatically reduce our usual mobility.
  4. The cognitive load is much higher in video chats.

And provide some simple fixes.

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Using Two Computers Simultaneously to Teach in Zoom

This semester ETS has been helping several faculty members get setup to use Zoom on multiple devices during their hybrid classes. This approach allows you to have one device/camera set to show you, the professor, while the other device/camera can show the classroom or the whiteboard. It does not need to be a complicated setup with multiple headsets, iPads, and phones.

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