Classroom Teaching Observations

Individual faculty (non-tenured or tenured) may request that the director of the Center for Learning and Teaching observe one or more classroom meetings, followed by discussion and feedback. Some discussion topics may include teaching behaviors, faculty/student interactions, classroom environment, and other learning and teaching questions. The process typically includes the following steps:

  1. Contact the Center for Learning and Teaching for information about the observation process.
  2. Meet with the Center’s director before any observations take place to discuss one of more of the following topics: course(s) to be observed, prior teaching experiences, teaching goals or concerns, course materials including the syllabus, assignments, or exams, and student course evaluations.
  3. Two or three consecutive class meetings will be chosen for observation.
  4. Following the final observation, the Center’s director will write a detailed report that includes: a) a descriptive record of the instructor’s and students’ behaviors during the class sessions, b) constructive feedback consisting of comments and reactions to specific teaching and learning processes, c) questions for the instructor to consider, and d) a summary of teaching strengths and concerns along with suggestions or recommendations.
  5. After you have had time to read and reflect on the report, a follow-up conversation(s) will be held.