Teaching – Getting Ready for Course Evaluations

When colleague’s want me to observe their class for formative feedback, I always ask them to share two or three things they are working on in which feedback would be helpful. For example, working to involve more students, trying to summarize class in the last five minutes, organizing my board work, etc. This helps me to focus the observation and provide more useful feedback.

I do the same thing with my students. As we approach course evaluations, I ask them to speak to two or three areas where I would like feedback. This semester, I’m considering:

  • In what ways did you find the Google document Daily Schedule useful? In what ways could it be improved?
  • Did you find the weekly WebAssign exercises useful? In what ways could these be improved?
  • This semester we used take-home quizzes instead of in-class, timed tests. Should take-home quizzes continue? Should in-class, timed tests return? A combination?

This provides concrete feedback on specific aspects of my course and insights on how to improve the learning experience for my next class.