Teaching – Refining Your Syllabus

With a few weeks before the start of classes, time to put those finishing touches on your syllabi. Want to get some productive feedback on your syllabus before you hand it to students? Join us Monday, August 23 from 2-4 us for Teaching as Intentional Process & Critical Practice: A Syllabus Workshop  facilitated by Dr. Michael Reder of Connecticut CollegeSign up here. Space is limited.

Want some additional ideas? The short article, Syllabi: Leveling the Playing Field, by Slattery focuses on the motivational aspects of the syllabus. Want more nut and bolts? The article How to Create a Syllabus in the Chronicle from Kevin Gannon has a wealth of suggestions and ideas. Don’t get put off by its length. There are lists and bullet points that get quickly to key ideas:

  • Basic course information
  • Instructor information
  • Course goals
  • Course materials and requirements
  • Course policies
  • Grading and assessment
  • Course schedule/calendar

Plus, there are lots of pictures!