Teaching – Midterm Course Evaluations

As we near the half-way mark, consider getting mid-semester feedback from your students. Mid-semester evaluations:

  1. provide a chance to correct student misconceptions or make changes to the course schedule, activities, etc. if necessary.
  2. give students an opportunity to reflect on their own expectations, efforts, and learning.
  3. let students know you care about their input.

Here are some sample mid-semester evaluations you can use or adapt for our course:

  • This check-off format from Seattle University makes it easy for your students to provide specific feedback, as well as some open-ended questions.
  • This metacognitive mid-term reflection based on the article Transforming Midterm Evaluations into a Metacognitive Pause, asks students to think more deeply about their learning.
  • Here is a Google form of a course evaluation created by Dr. Annabel Edwards, Chemistry. This video explains how to edit this form.
  • Here is an open-ended form I’ve used for a number of years with a hidden easter egg. After students submit their responses, the submission page congratulates them and explains how to submit their anonymous screen shot for a free pass on next daily practice (a formative exercise I use three times a week).

Above all
don’t forget to promptly respond to the feedback – this is critical! Let students know that you heard their suggestions and discuss how you intend to respond. The section responding to the feedback gives helpful suggestions.