Career – So You’re Mid-Career, Now What?: Next Steps of Your Faculty Journey

Faculty careers are long, characterized by many transitions from achieving tenure and promotion to balancing work and family. The longest stage of the faculty career is the mid-career stage, which includes recently tenured associate professors up to faculty colleagues who are 10 years out from retirement. The purpose of this professional development workshop is to assist mid-career faculty across the GLCA in navigating in and through various transitions and career paths successfully. The question we will address together is — Now You Have Tenure – What’s Next?
Join Dr. Vicki L Baker, author of Developing Faculty in Liberal Arts Colleges;  Success after Tenure: Supporting Mid-Career FacultyCharting Your Path to Full: A Guide for Women Associate Professors, and the forthcoming book Managing Your Academic Career: A Guide to Re-envision Mid-Career.   This one-hour workshop is designed for mid-career faculty as they prepare for next steps in their professional journey. 

We had said we would record the webinar and send a link first to those people who had registered but could not attend.  Below is the link to the full webinar.  It is fairly lightly edited and presented here essentially as it was.  We will later add this to the web site of the GLCA-GLAA Consortium for Teaching and Learning (CTL).  Because several who had registered had asked about the recording, we have opted to send it as soon as possible.
Here is the link to the webinar:
A file with the slides included in Vicki’s presentations is attached here as well.
Thank you for your interest in this webinar.  We conceive it as being part of a series.