What You Know That Just Ain’t So

Which is the most important factor in successful learning:

  1. The intention and desire to learn
  2. Paying close attention to the material as you study
  3. Learning in a way that matches your own learning style
  4. The time you spend studying
  5. What you think about while studying

The answer, according to cognitive psychologist Stephen Chew, may surprise you. Lendol

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Vaccinate Against Cheating With Authentic Assessment

As we enter week five of the semester, many of us are thinking about assessments like tests and quizzes. Remote instruction has made us rethink the purpose and use of tests, and whether we are “testing” the right things. 

The graphic above demonstrates the notion of authentic assessment, which is
Engaging and worthy problems or questions of importance, in which students must use knowledge to fashion performances effectively and creatively.

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Combat Linguistic Prejudice in Your Class

This recent piece from the Chronicle, How professors can and should combat linguistic prejudice in their classes, gives ten tips on making sure our grading and expectations do not privilege one group of students over another. Kaly Thayer, our Coordinator for Multilingual Learning, takes a deep dive into several points in this article and how it relates to our Denison students.

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