Five Tips for First Day of Class

It will be here before you know it! This week’s deep dive video covers five tips for the first day of class. For additional ideas for making the most of your first day, check out the eight tips from the Insider Higher Ed piece Advice for how not to conduct your first class in the new semester (opinion) or for a deeper look, this Chronicle article How to Teach a Good First Day of Class by James Lang.

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Take the Rubik’s Cube Challenge: An Expert Blind Spot Adventure

Looking for a fun and educational distraction over the break? Join colleagues from Furman University and Denison for a six-week Rubik’s Cube Challenge: An Expert Blindspot Adventure. Our recent experience with pandemic teaching has thrust us into novel learning environments and forced us to consider how best to learn under such conditions. One common challenge of expert instructors is understanding the learning needs of novice students, known as an expert blind spot.

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Online and Take-home Exams

Exam week is remote this year. How do we structure our final assessments so students can demonstrate what they’ve learned, but minimize issues with academic integrity? We have several resources. Here are some tips from Mount Holyoke’s Teaching Center on alternatives to online exams. If an online exam is necessary, consider these suggestions from the Center at Amherst or this list of ideas from Inside Higher Ed.

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10/20/2020 Teaching – connecting remote and in-class students

The hybrid classroom presents of number of challenges. A common concern is getting remote students and in-class students to interact during class discussion. Jonathan Maskit, Philosophy, has found a clever way to use his iPhone, laptop, and classroom computer to make sure his remote and online students can clearly see and hear each other during class discussions.

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10/13/2020 Teaching – advice for and from our remote students

Last week, in conjunction with the Remote Student Advisory Board and the Provost Office, ETS conducted a survey of remote students and the issues they are experiencing:

    • hearing the class
    • seeing the whiteboard
    • internet connection
    • lack of connection to campus
    • being remote in a hybrid class

Take a look at the complete findings and suggested solutions for how to meet these challenges.

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10/06/2020 Teaching – intro to Center’s new blog resource

Finally! You’ve asked – please put the TTTs in one place and make them searchable. As you wish: Also on the site, hybrid and remote teaching strategies from Denison instructors, as well as an introduction to our new faculty members. The below video gives a quick overview of the site and how to search for useful teaching resources.

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