Are Two Screens Better Than One?

Have access to two screens? In this video we see how to use the dual monitor feature in Zoom to see our entire class in one screen and our presentation in the other. There are also a few other nuggets including a more equitable class participation.

Looking for some more quick Zoom tips? Check out this list from Chaplain College which covers

    • Ways to Use Chat as a “Side Channel” or “Back Channel”
    • Ways to Use Chat to Encourage, Ensure, and Grade Participation
    • Ways to Use Chat to Facilitate Classroom Logistics

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Using Google Jamboards

Looking for a digital whiteboard where students can collaborate? Consider Google Jamboards. In this video, I show how to create these files as well as how to efficiently distribute the Jamboards to your students. I also share a few tips that can save you time and head off possible pit falls.

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Tips to Improve the Remote Student Experience

Hybrid, hyflex, synchronous, mixed-mode, transitional…. While the list of different class types (and what everyone calls them) could go on and on, one thing is certain: this academic year has been unpredictable. Even if you start the semester with all of your students in the classroom, there’s still a chance one of them could end up remote at some point before May.

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Linkedin Learning for Denison Faculty

Have no fear, if you missed the Denison Faculty session for LinkedIn Learning on January 12, you can still take advantage of LinkedIn Learning for your classes. As a faculty member at Denison, you already have access to LinkedIn Learning at See this page on MyDenison for general information on accessing LinkedIn Learning. In addition, LinkedIn Learning is hosting a general webinar for faculty members at universities using the service. 

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Notable Notebowl Updates From ETS

Denison’s latest update from Notebowl rolled out on Friday, January 15, 2021. The update included viewing emails sent from the roster tab, student activity for tests/quizzes, and recording short video messages directly in Notebowl. This ETS blog post has all the details about the new features along with links to all the updated video tutorials. You can find all the Notebowl video tutorials on the YouTube playlist Notebowl Tutorials for Denison Faculty.

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Updating Your Faculty Bio Page

How long has it been since you updated your faculty bio page on your department’s webpage? My CV was dated 2012, but I’m sure that was a typo…

Keeping an updated faculty bio page:

        • shows perspective students that you are part of an active department
        • lets current students know of your teaching and research interests
        • promotes your personal brand to others outside of Denison such as professional organizations and news outlets
        • advances Denison as an active and engaging institution.

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