The team steps up to support remote learners – Greg Lott, Health, Exercise, and Sport Studies

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My concern

Headed into the fall with my hybrid class, I was concerned that my remote students would be disconnected from the class. I was teaching a 400-level course with 18 juniors and seniors, two of whom were remote. How could I make sure that these students felt as engaged in the course as my on-campus leaners?

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Alternatives to traditional written exams – Susan Kennedy, Psychology

I have always grappled with traditional high-stakes written exams. While they can evaluate certain types of understanding, I am always looking for alternative modes to assess what my students have learned and how they can apply that knowledge in novel ways. 

The opportunity to engage in remote learning enables me to examine these issues through a fresh lens.

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Office Hours & Remote Learning – Matt Neal, Mathematics

During a typical semester, many of my students visit my office hours to ask questions about material, seek mentoring advice, or to discuss things of interest to them. During the transition to remote learning, I did not want to lose that connection with my students. So I divided my class into groups of six and held virtual group office hours, held at times aligned with my students schedule.

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