Study Abroad, Is It Right For You?

Is taking a semester or summer break to study in another country the right match for you?  The benefits of study abroad can impact each and every part of your life. Taking not only your educational and cultural journey to the next level, but change your life like you never knew you could. 

If you are ready to see a new part of the world, craft a global network, try new food or any number of other reasons then planning financially for this experience can make this opportunity a reality.  Connect early with the Global Program Office, they offer workshops and fairs as well as one on one meetings to help you decide if this is the right fit and how to start the process.   

Create a budget, think about your habits and better prepare for living in another country.  Do you plan to eat out often, shop, travel beyond your home country?  Knowing your habits can help you prepare as well as start saving for this adventure now!  Set up automatic savings from your earnings to go towards this awesome goal.  Tell friends and family of your plans so they can support you.

Research the costs of your home country and figure out how you want to handle banking, phones, credit cards, transportation and other expenses.  The Financial Wellness Office has a series of amazing interviews with student currently abroad available on our YouTube channel.