The College Money Saver Checklist

All Things Food

  • Download the GET Mobile app to monitor and track your meal plan.
  • Grab a ‘To-Go’ container from the Dining Hall to grab extra fruits, vegetables, and food from the dining halls to have in your room.
  • When cooking, skip recipes with long ingredient lists and keep it simple.
  • Use your meal-plan to shop for groceries at Silverstein market.

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Investing Tips for your 20s

The years in college and following graduation aren’t always known for savvy financial moves and heeding investing tips.  Living with parents and inconsistent income, maybe.  Student loan debt, yes.  It is hard to overstate how valuable your 20’s are, but on the long, long road to retirement, saving throughout that decade is kind of like putting an extra engine on your car. 

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How to stay on a budget

Establishing a budget is key, especially when an emergency occurs. In order to manage your budget, you will need to identify both your income and your expenses. It is also important to identify your needs versus your wants during this specific period. For example, this may be a good time to cancel subscriptions like Netflix over the short term.

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