Off-Campus Photo Contest (Spring 2024)

Written by Ellie Reiser ’24

This was the second year for the Exploring the World Photo Contest. The category was People and Places, giving students the freedom to submit photos from their time off-campus featuring landscapes and/or people. This year we received twenty-two submissions from students’ experiences worldwide! The top 10 finalists were chosen by a faculty member with photography expertise and displayed in the Center for Global Programs. All students then had the opportunity to vote in person for the winner. Congratulations to Sophia Hwang for being the Exploring the World Photo Contest Spring 2024 winner!

Check out Sophia’s winning photo, taken during her time abroad in Spain: 

Winner: Sophia Hwang ’25 (USAC Valencia, Spain)

Location of Photo: Xativa, Spain

This photo was taken at the Castillo de Xativa, about 45 minutes from Valencia by train. We had to climb a mountain to reach the castle because the town is fairly small and doesn’t have a lot of public transport. This took over 15,000 steps, but the view was incredible and definitely worth the hike.”

Contest winner Sophie Hwang ’25 with her prize!

Check out the rest of the amazing finalists below!

Charlie Thompson ’25 (CIEE Berlin, Germany)

Location of Photo: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Morning Stroll – I was walking through the streets of Amsterdam and once the rain cleared out, I was fortunate enough to catch the glimpse of a rainbow.

Zoe Pettersen ’24 (DIS Stockholm, Sweden)

Location of Photo: Uppsala, Sweden

This is the Uppsala domkyrka (Uppsala Cathedral) in Sweden. It dates to the 13th century and it is the largest church in the Nordic countries. It’s located just north of Stockholm and I traveled here on a solo overnight trip. I was struck by the warm glow of the red bricks in the sunset, despite the freezing winter temperatures!”

Nicolás Thompson ’25 (CGEE Windhoek, Namibia)

Location of Photo: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Taste the Rainbow in Victoria Falls. The largest Waterfall in the world where rainbows are everywhere!”

David Judd ’24 (CIEE Seville, Spain)

Location of Photo: Granada, Spain

Man playing guitar in a plaza overlooking the Alhambra.”

Jonathan Nhan ’24 (Temple Tokyo, Japan)

Location of Photo: Chidori-ga-fuchi; Tokyo, Japan

This photo is taken at night during the Sakura blossom season in Tokyo Japan.”

Paige Feeney ’25 (DIS Copenhagen, Denmark)

Location of Photo: Copenhagen, Denmark

Look Up.”

Lillian Wallace-Larkin ’25 (Arcadia Granada, Spain)

Location of Photo: Granada, Spain

The Alhambra. The Alhambra is one of the most important symbols of the Arab culture that lives within the city of Granada, Spain. Pictured is a view of the Courtyard of the Myrtles, which is a long reflecting pool located west of the Courtyard of Lions.”

Evelyn Riley ’25, (Advanced Studies in England [ASE], Bath, England, UK)

Location of Photo: Bath, England

“View of Bath and the Abbey Square from the top of the Abbey!”

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